• Escape Games Of Cat : QiuDao will be the cats hero

    2019-07-03 08:00|39.19M

    版本:1.0 |
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Because protecting the kitten ,the Orange Cat QiuDao was expelled from the cat coffee ,and began his wandering life. He met many cats and people in the wanderings, experienced many stories, and opened his legendary prelude of the Orange Cat!
The wandering Orange Cat is a movie-style game. In the singular worldview, players will use the cat's perspective to enter the game and promote the story through decryption. Together with the Orange Cat Qiu Knife, crack puzzles and strike justice to fight evil!
Unique picture
Strong immersion
Puzzle-related puzzle design
Challenging level design
Magical and realistic adventure story
Orange Cat QiuDao! It is up to you!
Combine comic-style plot performance with decryption games to find innovation in traditional classic decryption games. We hope to create a new gaming experience for the traditional puzzle game! Orange Cat is not perfect, but we hope he can bring a new decryption game experience.