• Akshar Challenge : Find The Word

    2018-12-02 08:00|7.37M

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"Akshar Challenge: Find The Word" is the new andro
"Akshar Challenge: Find The Word" is the new android mobile game app developed by Indian developers. It is the most addictive and challenging Classical crossword find the word game ever.
The game is easy to play. Slide the letters up, down, left and right but not diagonally.
Here are some of the game features:
1) Easy to use.
2) Great user experience.
3) 30 challenging game level.
4) 5 free "Hint" to help you.
5) +2 "Hint" for every level you clear.
6) Applicable to any age.
7) Free update.
8) Available offline.
9) Best Puzzle Game.
10) Best Word Game.
11) Best Strategy Game.
Other Benefits:
1) Word games are fun but this one challenge your skills.
2) The "Akshar challenge - Find The Word" game will improve your vocabulary, memory and kills your boring time.
3) Beware! It is addictive.