• 2048 shoot n merge

    2019-06-08 08:00|35.19M

    版本:1.1.2 |
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2048 Shoot n Merge is a remix of number merge and
2048 Shoot n Merge is a remix of number merge and bubble shooting
Start playing this awesome and relaxing 2048 puzzle game, merging the numbers and experiencing the cool math logic, then you can get logic fun from joining the numbers.
How To Play:
▶ Drop bricks down and pair similar numbers to get 2k48.
▶ Connect same value brick on a horizontal or vertical line.
▶ The result of connected bricks value being a multiple of 2 it goes till brick number reaches 2k48.
▶ Connected bricks increased your score.The more bricks you match the higher your score.
▶ Its endless number puzzle game you can keep playing after reaching 2048 brick. Score as much as you can.
Infinite Game play without tiring your self
Easy to play
Attractive Graphics
Simple to learn and challenging to master
Stimulate your brain and Improve cognitive skills.
Makes learning simple math fun!
Addictive 2048 number game.