• Candy Bears 2018

    2018-11-29 08:00|27.23M

    版本:1.12 |
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This Candy Bears 2018 game will give you hours of
This Candy Bears 2018 game will give you hours of sugar land fun. Become the Candy Bears 2018 hero and stop the evil sweet land thirsty monsters that move after this beautiful candy land to win all the yummy candy stars! No time to waste, cross the gems and start your sugary journey to chocolate Santa's mountains.
Chocolate bar flavors include peppermint chocolate bar, gingerbread men cookie chocolate, and even a fruit cake chocolate bar! Try this sweet and delicious match-3 gummy and test your candy matching skill to become the yummy of Candy Bears 2018 land in Christmas! Special, try to get crazy yummy boosts and surprises such as big bombs Yummy! Taste it now!
- Hurry up and become the champion Candy Bears 2018 smarter and compete with your friends!
... Candy Bears 2018 features ...
- Link it to any sweet and smash all candies that are the same kind
- This puzzle game is easy to play, but it is a challenge to master!
- Special boosters and bonus rewards to help you crush, smash, and blast the candy jellies to help you pass difficult levels
- Great new design and sound effects such as boms blast and lightings!
.. How to play Candy Bears 2018 ..
- Switch and match 3 or more yummy
- Create combos to achieve maximum score with three star and beat other jelly bear players
- Matching more than 3 jellies will create special power bonuses and combos that will all the gummies in one move
- Boosters: extra splash, extra hammer, sugar blast line, boom pop, yummy juice flavor, ...
Enjoy this fizzy, free fun game. With more characters, levels and features added all the time !
Give feedback regarding the game so we will be able continue modifying and improving this Candy Bears 2018 - jam pop mania match 3 puzzle game!