• Merge 2048: Shoot N Merge

    2019-02-27 08:00|16.17M

    版本:1.1 |
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Merge 2048: Shoot N Merge is puzzle game, number p
Merge 2048: Shoot N Merge is puzzle game, number puzzle game, it is very fun and addictive, puzzle game mix of some classic puzzle games: 2048 game, merge blocks (merge blocks number), bubble shooting classic, match-3 With Shoot And Merge You will fall in love with this innovative puzzle game immediately
The game shoot the block 2,4,8,..,2048… to merge blocks become 4,8,16,…,4096…
* Touch screen to shoot bricks.
* Touch and hold to move block to another column, after this release to shoot.
* When two cells contain the same number of collisions, they will merge one block, the new block will have higher values (2048 -> 4096).
* When more than two blocks are merged together, they will have higher values (2-2-2 merge to 8, 4-4-4 merge to 16, 4-4-4-4 merge to 32 ).
* Get higher number and challenge high score.
* Combine number to get score
* Smooth shooting
* Easy to learn but hart to master.
* Multi block themes for you choose.
* The game automatically saves board state when you exit and reload when you come back.
* Beautify, simple user interface.
Enjoy Merge 2048: Shoot N Merge, Shoot And Merge: 2048 Infinite Shooter with your friends and do not forget to share with your family, another your friends. If you have any question or good ideas, please contact us via
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