• Proton Bus Simulator Road

    2019-03-23 08:00|32.50M

    版本:6A |
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Created by the same developer team from Proton Bus
Created by the same developer team from Proton Bus Simulator, Proton Bus Road is a coach bus simulator that has as main objective the driving simulation with boarding and disembarking passengers either in cities or support points.
– Mods! (Compatible with all the Mods already released for the Urban version)
– Customizable Skins! As well as in the urban version it is possible to personalize skins of both the playable models and the traffic ones
– Continuous Map Loading! Say goodbye to the loading screens during the gameplay!
– 3 playable buses with animations like windows, rain, wipers, doors and so on… (more playable buses will be add during future updates!)
– This version will also support customizable signage as well as the urban version!
– Bus models specially made to have a good level of detail and performance!
– Boarding and disembarkation of passengers, whether in a city or on a highway!
– Much more will come during the updates!
* Tips to improve performance:
- Reduce the resolution scale to values ​​such as 75 or 50
- Disable anti-aliasing
- Turn off the Reflexes in Lataria
- Do not use high values ​​in visibility distance, use values ​​as 150-300m