• Heavy Big Truck Driving Simulator 3D

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The game which offers an incomparable driving expe
The game which offers an incomparable driving experience of camions and no age or gender limits, has become one of the most popular truck driving simulators in European recently.
The completely real missions and the experience of truck simulation is waiting for you. You need to convoy the goods to the designated point intactly in this game. Don’t release your clutch even though the ground is erosive by the rain.
In dim weather, you need towing the goods with caution to finish the task. When the weather is clear, you can pick up the rewards for the minted mission and start a new adventures with hauling a new goods. When you’re driving down the street,
you’ll see the canter Anza is having a tata in the plaza, the barbershop “SCS” on the corner, the insane dog Tesla barking in the backyard and a similar truck driver named Bis is steering on the street.
Be sure to slow down when passing a toll station which with a camcam pro.
Manage your business to ensure that its continued rise, even more being a payment method when you complete the delivery of your goods. Earn more money, purchase new 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucks and semi trailers,
choose your job and convoy your goods in this open world! Just stick with the game and you’ll be ahead of your competitor Macha pronto. Become the duke of the road through this big 3D truck simulation game.
Heavy Big Truck Driving Simulator 3D Features:
- Amazing trucks (next generation trucks)
- Interiors of USA style hang inside of lorries
- Realistic driving experience
- Cross the whole Europe outback
- True transportation systems
- Be impressed by the trucking
- Actual weather
- Damage and fuel consumption
- More than 60 challenging levels (amazing scenes to explore)
- Drive through country roads, city roads and autobahns
- Various camera angles (internal CAM, front, external CAM and more)
- Amazing graphics
- Realistic engine sounds
- Achievements and leaderboards
- Easy to control (tilt, button or steering wheel)
- Over 25 kinds of languages are available
- Excellent HD graphics and performance
A fully realistic truck simulator, a hooked game.
How to play
- Please buckle up
- Drive your truck through a button on the screen
- The screen on the right brings up the "D" position.
- Control your truck by using the breakout and acceleration buttons.
The driving manual
- When the mission is in the evening, you can turn on the headlights to use the headlights button.
- When it rains, you can turn on the wipers to transmission the road condition to you again.
- When your truck runs out of gas, you can buy gas from the garage by touching the gas button.
- If you follow traffic rules, you'll make more money during the game.
- If you get things done faster, you'll make more money.