• New Car Parking Driver

    2018-07-11 08:00|44.57M

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Have you ever wished for best parking place but co
Have you ever wished for best parking place but could not find it in time. In this simulation, become Car parking driver to help find parking spots by driving their luxury cars & SUV trucks to the destination. Parking spots aside city roads are always filled, driver back & find another parking spot in this mobile parking simulation. Realistic valet parking scenarios for the real car parking driver. This is a hard valet parking job, drive with grace & show the class of your driving skills. Better view of the road with interior camera view. New car parking driver is great Parking game with full driving features. Multi lane roads for driving & specially designed parking environment is best hard challenges of parking. Different cars with realistic physics add special attraction to the dozens of levels of new car parking driver.
Now most addictive driving & parking adventure is here to test you as a car parking driver. Sports cars and sedans are equally fun behind the wheel. Master the game play of unique parking game play styles. Precision in handling steering wheel of a racing car is attribute that is associated with new car parking driver. Parking lots, city streets and city highways are the playground for new car parking driver, explore more for the car parking jobs. Hours of entertainment with parking cars, driving cars etc. Vehicles of all sorts like taxi cabs, sports cars, sedans and SUV trucks.
Parking exercise with real driving, reach parking place before the stopwatch ends, because time is of the essence here. High end game of parking cars in backyard, city parking lots and street side parking. Unique behavior for each car in the car parking driver. 3D simulated parking environment is cool to explore and drive around. Obstacle course for insane challenges. Multiple vehicles of different horse power, powerful engines and fast riding racing machines. Dangerous spikes and destructive hurdles are on the way to stop the drivers from reaching the destination safe and park the car to claim best new driver title. Use the multiple controllers e.g, accelerometer or UI buttons besides the steering wheel.
• Fascinating city environment and great graphics.
• It is time for learning easy to driving
• detailed interior views of the modern cars, use the inside driver helmet camera view to look at the interiors of car.
• Realistic engine sounds for all cars
• Change the gears for the cars manually and use both forward and reverse driving for parking
New car parking driver on Google Play Store is free to get, download and enjoy. don’t forget to give us your feedback through ratings and reviews.
Passengers free job of New car parking driver is only one stop driving. Just take the car keys from visitors and park the car to the desired location. Honk & clear the way.