• DX Simulation for Drive Dx Henshin Belt

    2018-09-07 08:00|13.45M

    版本:1.3 |
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Simple Simulation for drive henshin belt game simu
Simple Simulation for drive henshin belt game simulation
Features for drive henshin
~ 27 Shift Car
~ 180 Ringtone
~ offline rider drive game
~ small size
How to play for rider drive - henshin belt :
1. Click button tutorial to show tutorial video.
2. Click button play to go drive henshin belt.
3. Click panel of rider drive (number 1 in screen shot).
4. Select one shift car drive henshin (number 2 in screen shot).
5. Click shift car (number 3 in screen shot).
6. to change shift car, repeat step two.
7. Click shift car (number 2 in screen shot) 3x to hear attack sound or click panel drive henshin belt (number 1 in screen shot) to hear final attack sound.
Latest Update for drive henshin belt :
ver 1.2
Update Library and Support android 7.1
ver 1.1.1
Add More Menu
ver 1.1
Fix Error
ver 1.0.14
Fix Error Sound
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