• Extreme City Car Simulator

    2018-09-20 08:00|42.11M

    版本:1.0 |
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Extreme City Car Simulator is a new game that uses
Extreme City Car Simulator is a new game that uses an advanced physics engine combined with super cars and extreme environment.
Have you ever tried to drive with a sport car or a quad bike? Now you can drift and drive with
one of this vehicles for free.
Play and be a furious car racer while driving in one of the big maps. There is no police to chase and find you so you can make illegal stuns and drift free.
Race and simulate extreme real car driving after choosing which game type you want to play.
Driving and making free stunts has never been so fun and engaging. Just burn and wheels on this super open world city.
- TC, ABS and ESP simulation
- Configure engine performance
- Configure wheels
- Multiple vehicle types
- Advanced physics engine
- Big open world city
- Realistic car damage.
- Control your car with a steering wheel, arrows, accelerometer or joystick