• Sim for DX Build Driver

    2019-06-12 08:00|39.64M

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Henshin belt simulation for henshin build, equippe
Henshin belt simulation for henshin build, equipped with advanced features. Find your favorite "best match mode" from the henshin build.
1. Real henshin belt simulation
2. Clear sound from dx build driver
3. Complete collection of "Full Bottle" henshin builds; Organic and inorganic
Additional features of henshin build mode:
1. Hazard trigger
2. Rabit & Tank
3. Full bottle genius
This henshin belt simulation game for henshin build is not an official game from the original dx maker and is not affiliated with the original henshin build owner. This game is just for entertainment. For real entertainment, please buy dx driver products on the market.