• Moto变压器机器人

    2019-07-03 08:00|49.87M

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Mech warrior robot is ready for the ultimate robot
Mech warrior robot is ready for the ultimate robot war of motorcycle transformation robot with alien bots.
We bring you a striking introduction to transform robot games and driving motorcycle games giving you the liberty to transform your incredible robot into a monster bike and vice versa with the click of a button whenever you wish to. You must have played super car robot games or helicopter robot games before but this moto robot traffic hero will take you to a whole other level in this outstanding of transformation robot games. Be the superhero of your county and destroy the evil enemy with the missiles mounted on top of your mighty robot and futuristic motorbike. Transform into a super bike and race around the city streets in search of the enemy, drive carefully! This amazing of transformation bike games will not only enhance you driving skills but also let you learn on how to dodge traffic when you are racing with time in order destroy the enemy rivals in this best of bike racing games and robot shooting games!
Do you like motorcycle games? Our all new edition of motorbike games with a magnificent mix of robot games. Drive your bike around the city to trace your enemies, once you spot them transform your bike into a robot and destroy enemy robots by using your mortal hardware, tear their evil body apart and put them to the ground for once and for all. W in one on one battle challenge by using your exclusive machine gun, transform the city into a battlefield and defeat your enemies and don’t forget the surprise attack! So can you save the great city by these giant robots? Defeat your enemy robots to become a hero. You may have previously played bot games and motorcycle games but you would have never experienced motorbikes transformation into such gigantic robots. YES, we call it MOTO TRANSFORMATION ROBOT.
***Gameplay Features***
• An absolute treat for the lovers of transformation motorcycle games with comprehensive gameplay of 4 missions (each mission has 5 levels).
• Transform into your motorcycle, smash your enemies and knock them down
• Awesome environment specially designed to be in sync with the theme of transformation games.
• Impressive and intuitive on-screen controls for the fans of moto robot games
• Moto Transformation Robot 3D come with great eye catching HD graphics for those who love to play combination of Transformation games and Motorcycle simulator
This game brings you an elegant blend of robot games with motorcycle games. Test your motorbike driving skills and robot vs robot combat techniques all at the same time. Drive your motorbike around the city spot the violent enemy. This game enriches your experience with real time depiction of a robot transform into motorcycle games. If you love to play motorcycle simulator and robot games than this robot game is for you, just download free
“Moto Transformation Robot”
and enjoy the superb 3D graphics.