• Crime Catch Police Pursuit

    2018-09-07 08:00|50.14M

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City full of criminals, purse snatching & petty cr
City full of criminals, purse snatching & petty crimes are peaking new heights, this time needs an iron fist, justice pursuing tough cop. A police cop to pull off the best success rates of police pursuits while chasing criminals, crime catching & hunting evil. Pick pocketing thieves to evil crime lords, city is attacked by various advocates of evil and crime. Don’t just stand there and be a witness to the live crime happening in front of your eyes, move your cop car and chase the criminals like a real city hero. Crime Catch Police Pursuit is best criminal chase and arrest simulation, where driving fast cop cars and parking in from of your suspects to finish the police pursuit in a success is the goal. Robbers and criminals wait for opportunity to hurt citizens in the open, only unaware of the fact that new police cop on the street is way more fast & strong to let that happen. Stop crime with police crime catch unity while it is happening.
A high range of fast sports cars are give to the police officers in the Crime Catch Police Pursuit. Disguise as simple civilians and catch criminals even faster. Elite police chasing of street thugs and lethal criminals in the Crime Catch Police Pursuit are essential part of each police duty and mission.
Now Chasing criminals & vicious robbers is full of thrill and adventures with the “Crime Catch Police Pursuit”. Chase the dangerous shooters who are in for stealing diamonds from local jeweler and robbing people of their money. Clear the crime city and create a crime free area under you police authorities. Authority of law in the crime city is very weak and only successful take down of the dangerous criminals can bring it to the standards of the community. Crime Catch Police Pursuit is full of special features which makes this action game even more amazing and pleasant enough to go through whole game play.
• Drive accurately & precisely like you are playing with the arcade controls.
• Time shifts between day and night in the city to simulate the real city environment
• Earn scores and points during police pursuits
• Best driving skills showdown with the police car around the city.
Crime Catch Police Pursuit is free to get on the Google Play Store, Get your Free copy right now and start your journey as the police cop in search of true justice. Give us your valuable feedback on the game to help us make it even better. Your ratings and reviews are much appreciated.