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Racing on a highway full of traffic is the crazy r
Racing on a highway full of traffic is the crazy ride, city streets exploring is the best fun when there is powerful sports muscle car is under your foot. Race the pedal of car and enjoy riding the city, beating traffic on the highway and getting away with everything. Huge city is there for drivers to get in to and smash what they want including cars and city property. Sports cars has a feature of getting realistic damage but no worry repairing of sports cars is just one click away, so be a reckless driver and enjoy how you like to drive it.
Jumping ramps and stunt racks are there on the side roads in order to hit them and fly off to other places in your sports car, driving is not the only possibility, you can also fly it off from jumping racks and get on the top tall buildings. Press the play button and straight from garage you get on the streets where action is going.
Crashing is not a faulty play, get up and rest your sports car and steer it on the road towards traffic of highway, city has everything you got beach spot where driving is a different experience and fun, and running your sports car in water is not a problem, get spawned in to a new spot away from water, car physics is reality based and so amazing that you get the feeling of sitting in a real car.
Real Driving - Car Simulator game has a feature of drifting, physics of car lets you enjoy the drift driving if you are interested just take traction control off and hit the road hard, turn hard on the corners and enjoy the drift of sports car with the amazing sound effects which makes the whole city stunned. Cars sounds are amazing and every sports car has its unique engine sound which comes on pedal pressing.
Real Driving - Car Simulator gives you complete experience of car simulator, car driving is simulated so nicely you will get addicted to this pack of unlimited fun and adventure. Nitro boost is also there on your modified cars where speed is not enough you can press it hard and get the output of engine max and more that others around you.
Download Real Driving - Car Simulator now and enjoy the best car simulator of all time.