• Clicker Mania

    2019-06-02 08:00|5.69M

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Clicker Mania has a highly addictive and challengi
Clicker Mania has a highly addictive and challenging game play in which the player must click a button that changes its color and position on the screen (each time it is clicked) to earn points. The game gets more difficult as the player progresses in the game as every level as different background that makes the button more harder to see.
The game has 5 rounds/levels and each has it's own background. Every round is of
30 seconds
and displays a score card (till round 4) at the end.
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
0-30 Humpty Dumpty Egg.
Above 30-70 Daffy Duck
Above 70-120 Foghorn Leghorn Cock
Above 120-160 Baa, Baa Sheep
Above 160-210 Moo Cow
Above 210-250 Mickey Mouse
Above 250-300 Bunny
Above 300-350 Alex Kangaroo
Above 350-400 Mustang Horse
Above 400-450 Monocled Cobra
Above 450-499 Shere Khan Bengal Tiger
Above 499 King of Arms Heraldic Eagle
Depending on how many lives the player have after 5 rounds, the total score could get higher or lower that could affect the rank.