• throw the shield like a Captain America

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Hello to all fans of movies and comics) Throw the
Hello to all fans of movies and comics)
Throw the SHIELD as the hero of films and comics marvel Captain America (Captain America). Can you get into all the targets? Test your skills in accuracy)
Each shot will be like a quiz of fortune.
Captain America suffers from blame for not being able to prevent the death of the tank. Although he takes young Rick Jones (who is very much like a tank) to his guardianship, he for a while refuses to let Jones take on the identity of the tank, not wanting to be responsible for the death of another young man. Insisting that his hero pass from this loss, Jones persuades Rogers to let him wear a tank suit, [73] but this partnership lasts only a short time; The disguised Red Skull, personifying Rogers with the help of the Space Cube, drives Jones away.
Rogers reunites with his old military comrade Fury, who is also well preserved thanks to the "formula of infinity". As a result, Rogers regularly carries out missions for the security agency S. H. I. E. E. D. D., for which Fury is the state director. Through Fury Rodgers makes friends with Sharon Carter, agent Sh. And. t. And, with which in the end begins a romantic relationship.
Later, Rogers meets and trains Sam Wilson, who becomes a superhero falcon, the first African-American superhero in the main comics. The crews established a lasting friendship and adventure partnership, sharing the title of the series for some time as Captain America and Falcon. two later face the reborn, but still insane captain of America of the 1950s. although Rogers and Sokol defeat the fake Rogers and Jack Monroe, Rogers becomes deeply concerned that he could suffer from the fate of his colleague. During this period, Rogers temporarily acquires super strength.
The series dealt with the version of the Watergate scandal of the Marvel Universe, which makes Rogers so insecure of his role that he abandons his Captain America personality in favor of one called Nomad [87], emphasizing the meaning of the word as "a man without a country." During this time, several people unsuccessfully assume the identity of Captain America. [88] Rogers eventually re-assumes this, concluding that identity can be a symbol of American ideals, not his government; this personal conviction was realized when he later encountered a corrupt army officer trying to manipulate him, appealing to his loyalty: "I'm loyal to anything, the general ... except for the American dream." Jack Monroe, cured of mental instability, later took up the pseudonym Nomad: Sharon Carter is believed to have been killed under the control of Dr. Faust's mind.