• Shooting Legends

    2019-07-03 08:00|54.55M

    版本:1.8.44 |
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Shooting Legends is a brand new 2D look-down shoot
Shooting Legends is a brand new 2D look-down shooter featuring thrilling gun shooting, stage diversity and optimized gameplay. Players will experience the extreme fun of shoot-em-up and the perfect tense of competition in this enjoyable game.
Game Features
God's Perspective with diverse shooting experience
Unique look-down perspective with 360-degree shooting experience. Say goodbye to the conventional view and bring you a brand new feeling.
Distinctive Heroes with various features
More than 10 super heroes for you to choose, each with distinctive skills and attacks. Different matches bestow the game with unique features.
Delicate Control with fingers moved to be godlike
Friendly and easy to get a hand on. Move with your left hand and shoot with your right hand. Easy control with great glamour. Well designed stages and balanced difficulty will provide you with your dream mode!
Quick Buildup with devastating power
Abandon conventional cultivation mode as any gear or skill can be upgraded or boosted with only one key. Feel the mighty power to destroy everything!
Multiple Gameplays with different fun
The game includes Stage Mode, Arena Mode, Endless Mode and Supply Mode with each offering different game experience lasting more than 10 hours.