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The story happens when the world is invaded by evi
The story happens when the world is invaded by evil forces, their leader is very aggressive, he is a demon from the dark so people call him "shadow" He wished to destroy the world and build his own new empire. In that situation, a hero with an extremely good sword skill, nicknamed "sword master", he called on people to fight the evil forces. These are the two iconic characters of the game.
Fighting Legends: SuperHeroes Arena is an online fighting game with true fast-paced skills that first appeared on android that you can not ignore, the fighting style of the game is a combination of kung fu, ninja, boxing, karate and skills with extremely beautiful effects.
Become the most powerful fighter and turn yourself into a king in the overall rankings, use the character's existing power combined with great personal skills to defeat the opponent.
You can play with your friends or other players in real time, you can also upgrade your character to increase blood and change hair color before going to battle.
There are two modes of play in the current version: PvP and Custom you can freely choose.
The game is smooth, easy and online
Lots of different skills and can upgrade characters
You can play in different stages like Training room, Storehouse, Street, City ... and will update even more.
The 2d graphics are incredibly beautiful and the sound is great
You can customize the controller as you like
Optimized fighter as possible
Thank you of playing. Enjoy.