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    2019-04-04 08:00|15.41M

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With Dunkest you can create your own fantasy baske
With Dunkest you can create your own fantasy basketball team by choosing from the NBA or Euroleague champions and challenge users from all over the world based on the real performance of the players!
1) Team: you have 95 Dunkest credits to be used to choose your roster composed of: 2 centers, 4 guards, 4 forwards and 1 coach.
2) Dunkest Credits: each player and coach has a value expressed in Dunkest credits. This value may increase or decrease over the course of the season depending on real performance.
3) Score: the members of your Fantasy Team gain a score based on real statistics recorded on the NBA. The starting five, sixth man and coach gain 100% of the points while bench players gain 50%.
4) Captain: choose a Captain among the starting five players. He will double his Dunkest score.
5) Trades: between one Dunkest Matchday and the other, you can trade removing players, recovering their value in credits and acquiring new ones. Each trade will cost you a penalty on the next Matchday score.