• 3D Spaceship Infinite Tunnel Survival Rush

    2019-06-06 08:00|14.70M

    版本:1.0 |
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Are you tired of playing same type of infinite run
Are you tired of playing same type of infinite running games?
Are you tired of Jumping?
Are you tired of ducking down?
But still want a fun filled Interesting game?
Then lets play 3D Spaceship Infinite Scifi Twisty Tunnel Rush & Dash. A physics based simulation game which defies geometry. As a surfer you need to survive through the infinitely changing direction. Pass through the tricky obstacles which can be static as well as dynamic. Obstacles are cubical. You will need to be fast to change your strategy according to the pace of the game. Touch right and left side of screen to rotate your ship to that side.
Main Features:
- Classical Gameplay
- Touch or Accelerometer Controls
- Localization for various countries
- Simple but attractive artwork
- Beautiful Sounds
Lets have a tour of this epic game and smash all the records. Challenge your friends and be a glorious Fighter Pilot.