• Chuck Runner

    2019-06-30 08:00|8.20M

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Multi Levels Chuck Running and Jumping Game for al
Multi Levels Chuck Running and Jumping Game for all ages.
The Survival of the Chuck Runner Bird is at stake. So be attentive and be focused on the screen and be safe from the obstacle on the way of Chuck Runner Bird.
This Cartoon Bird has cool Bird Animations. Save Your Bird from getting chopped or crushed. The Bird is running and collection Apples to save his family which is above somewhere on the trees in Nest.
Multiple difficulty modes are:
* Beginner - Easy Mode
* Evolution - Medium Mode with some speed
* Experience - Hard Mode with max difficulties
- Different Levels Fun!
- Clean and colorful graphics
- Smooth user interface
- Music and sound effects
- Phone and Tablet support
- Chuck Runner game is free.
- Chuck Runner game for all ages
- No purchase required.
Download its now.