• Motu Arrow Attack : Shooter Game

    2019-06-01 08:00|5.02M

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Motu Arrow Attack Motu(Fat) arrow attack is archer
Motu Arrow Attack
Motu(Fat) arrow attack is archery arrow shooter game.
For scoring best to best patlu (weak body) point he hired a machine which threw a makhan matka randomly.
You can practice to improve your concentration by playing this archery arrow game.
A good sound of arrow fire and matka cracking explore the wellness of environment.
This Motu Arrow Attack game is completely free to download in android mobile and free to play. This game is very popular for toddler and teenager.
Game play of Motu Patlu Arrow Attack makes you addictive and crazy.
some features:
-Fine appearance of bow and arrow position
-Easy to handle arrow
-Fine control
-Free to play
-Sharp 3D look
Starch arrow on the bow and shoot maakhan matka to crack it with arrow.