• Pixelmon go craft story mod: Battle Gronds PE

    2018-10-18 08:00|31.46M

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Hello my friend! Do you want new adventures, excit
Hello my friend! Do you want new adventures, exciting battles? Then this game is right for you! In our sandbox you are waiting for an amazing mystical animals - pixelmons. Also in the store there is a store in which you can buy the necessary things, for example, monster balls, eggs, which you can evolve your pixelmon, and of course gifts in which you can fall out the rarest, epic, and even the legendary pixelmones !! Start explore the cubic sandbox right now!
Fight with the evil, friends with the good pixelmon, build your home! Pocket craft with minimons is what you need, dear friend Explore the cube world filled with monsters, full of mysteries and secrets along with your new friends - pixelmons. Fight! Catch! Build! Collect experience points to pump your pixel and help him evolve

-Open World - sandbox
-3 kind of pixelmons
-Intraining battles
-A lot of different pixelmons
-Ability to evolve the minimon
-Multiple blocks for crafting
-Procedural generation of the world
-Beautiful animations and effects
-Battle Arena
-The change of night and day
-New kinds of pixelmones
-New types of gifts!
-New types of main characters
-Skins for boys and girls
If you have not yet explored a new cube world filled with pixelmons, then start right now, become the best trainer for your pets!