• Scary Bad Nun

    2019-05-10 08:00|47.84M

    版本:1.1.3 |
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"Explore this haunted dungeon without getting caug
"Explore this haunted dungeon without getting caught by bad nun. She is imprison in this dungeon for long time now she is free with all evil spirits.
Scary Bad Nun is a game about a guy who stuck in haunted dungeon! he want to escape from this evil place as soon as possible because his granny and neighbor waiting for him.
The dungeon is full of puzzles and mysteries. The nun locked up here long a go now she is free and become an evil nun. Stay safe from bad evil nun spirits. Bad nun hears everything. Be careful not to get her attention or make noise to attract her. By solving puzzles find its mysteries and get out before it is too late.
Scary Bad Nun Features:
• Creepy and frighting horror experience
• Hide to go unnoticed.
• Frightful horror jump-scare effects
• Addictive and challenging puzzles to solve
• Real horror and scary sound effects
• Wide horror environment to explore
• Survive the nightmare and escape
• High-quality 3D animation of evil spirits
Download now FOR FREE! and Enjoy the horror of Scary Bad Nun."