• Counter Terrorist Sniper - FPS Shoot Hunter

    2018-10-22 08:00|31.18M

    版本:1.3 |
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Counter Terrorist Sniper - FPS Shoot Hunter is an
Counter Terrorist Sniper - FPS Shoot Hunter is an advanced and thrilling anti-terror shooting game. Here is full of powerful weapons and equipment. As well as the best of the Armed Forces. You must fight with courage and determination. mission accomplished. Become a national hero.
Here you will encounter accelerated heart rate, adrenaline enhance the fighting, your hand will be covered with sweat! The mission is full of excitement and challenge. Defeat all your enemies and win. Clear the area and get a new mission. You must eliminate all terrorists. Do not be defeated, defeat your enemy. Collect your gun, fill the bullet, take the bomb and start your war!
Enter cities, look for terrorists, act cautiously, destroy each and every terrorist one by one, restore peace in cities and save innocent people and accomplish their missions.
- Realistic 3D environment
- realistic shooting effect
- challenging mission
- Amazing music and sound effects
- Play games anytime, anywhere
- real war scene
- a variety of powerful weapons
- Simple and smooth operation