• Silver Hero Fighter

    2018-10-04 08:00|73.53M

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In Silver Hero fight game, silver hero boy has imm
In Silver Hero fight game, silver hero boy has immense strength of body and courage greater than a mountain. Play as the fantastic silver hero in the very awesome and latest superhero simulator and fight with aliens in the fantastic battle. Aliens are killing humans at certain places around the city. Protect your city and the people of the city from being tortured, murdered and caught in random acts of alien attack aftermath. You have to fight to protect the innocent kind and powerless human beings. Kill as many aliens as you can in this silver superhero fighter game.
Supernatural powers have attacked throughout the city. You are dispatched from the central homeland security and national security. Listen to your command and go to missions and complete missions to save the day. Play many level of amazing fight super hero boy and kill aliens in silver hero fighting game. Cover the whole city and kill aliens one by one from one place to all places in the city. Run to the mission destination and attack of heat at the enemies. Enjoy thrilling battle combat with aliens and fight off multiple aliens at once. Download silver hero fight now for free.