• Throne of Magic

    2019-07-02 08:00|95.00M

    版本:1.1.0 |
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Throne of Magic is a brand-new STRATEGY MMO game!
Throne of Magic is a brand-new STRATEGY MMO game! Be a lord! Summon different races of heroes, forge divine weapons, occupy empire cites and battle with others! Accept the challenges from other lords! 24/7 non-stop battle! Be the next king!
★Build your Empire★
Recruit heroes, upgrade buildings, forge weapons and research technology, become the top lords of the empire, and lead the country to become the most powerful empire.
★Enhance Your Armies★
The game is divided into infantry, cavalry and archer, and there are certain restraint relationships between the three types of troops.Use the best tactics, defeat your enemies and defend your glory.
★Battle With Other Players★
24 hours of uninterrupted imperial warfare, competing with neighboring players for control of the city and securing more resources for their empire.An uninterrupted attack on the enemy's forces could extract more resources from the enemy.
This is a powerful strategy versus game.
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