• Steel Tank Alert: Fields of Battle

    2018-10-24 08:00|62.89M

    版本:1.2 |
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Mighty tank force is ready to start the trench bat
Mighty tank force is ready to start the trench battle of the city wars! Hear the tank alart!
Become the tank commander whose tank platoon faced ambush! Command your tankmen and lead them to victory!
Cool tank killer game for all who love tank shooting games! Check one of bright modern battle machine – not old-fashioned German Tiger or Russian tank T-34, but modern awesome tanks like killer tank Leopard-2 or French bomber tank! Join the trench war!
Tank action game for real tank war champion! Clash in tank pvp battles against players from all over the world! Check different tactics – from blitzkrieg and sturm and drang to the frontline breaching tank assault! The fate of the whole tank battalion is in your hands! Be fast – tenk alert is howling!
Test your tank attack skills with different weapons – from machine gun to the anti-material cannon! Each tank hit will bring you experience points to raise in ranks, or money, to buy more tank benzin and ammo between battles on the tank arena!
Feel like a real tankman from tank crew of champions! Download Steel Tank Aler: Fields of Battle right now!