• Amazing Rope Ultimate - Real Spider 13 Gangster

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Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas Re
Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas
Real Spider Gangster City is a city of freedom, peace and justice. But in the year 2018, crime continued to proliferate. Gangster City was victim of chaos. Criminals all over the city tried to claim their own territory. The police tried to keep the situation under control. However, chaos and violence were rampant in Vegas City. It also became a haven for crime. And now, a hero appearing, he is real SPIDER 13 .
★ Real SPIDER 13 -->He is a normal cop with the help of his father, who has made a costume from the uniform of a football player from his student days, shirt number 13 so we call You are the spider 13 ----> come with him are very useful weapons to help him against the criminals is the spider silk it creates a silk rope,
★Join SPIDER 13 and enter the dungeon of criminals to defeat the tycoons and face the ultimate boss brutal.
★Please destroy their base
★Where? new players know
Featured of Real Spider Gangster City:
★ Collect item in either mission will greatly enhance the firepower of many types of weapon: Sniper, Shotgun, AK47, M1911, MP4, MP5, Bazooka, power full tank, cannons, etc.
★ Upgrade character become to liberation superhero.
★ Controllable vehicles, cars, helicopters, turrets, with different styles!
★ 30 full action mission.
★ 10+ great weapons of choice. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and come with their own weapons.
★ 10+ mafia boss with unique powers. This is difficult mission you need passing.
★ 5000+ crime waiting you kill.