• Saiyan Z: Battle of Universes

    2019-06-25 08:00|10.42M

    版本:1.1.1 |
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A lengendary battle for all over 12 universe betwe
A lengendary battle for all over 12 universe between Saiyan z vs other best warriors. When kakaro and veget try to practice and achive the limitbreaker.
They are all want to be the god saiyan level, pass ssj, ssgss - the real god saiyan return : Yamoshi. He want to challenge all dragoz fighter of 12 universe to see who can beat him.
All god are appears and join this lengendary tournament, they are player not just the master. Many skill powerful and combo appears and this is the best adventure to be the best hero of 12 universe.
To pass the first exam, they must go to stage of tournament on time, help them now.
Saiyan Z: Battle of Universes Features:
- Best adventure combine action fighting game of gako
- Many powerful skill as kame, ki ... will be used.
- Many saiyan and other dragoz warrior can transform and evolve to other stronger level/
- Promote for dragon game, with llsw and pixel style
Join the tournament , can you be champion ?