• Mystic Of Ninja GO Fighter Aircraft

    2019-04-19 08:00|33.72M

    版本:1.0.2 |
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This is the new #1 action game with an epic battle
This is the new #1 action game with an epic battle of assasin ninjas in the world. Planet Earth is threatened by evil demons. The fighters we have to be the final power warrior who turned into legends of superheroes to fight them in the form of shadow & save our planet.
Get unlimited powers to become the ultimate Dragon Warrior z fighter & strongest Saiyan. Some of the balls are hidden in kai planet and others hidden in gt planet saiyan.
Your mission is transformed into Infinite Legendary Saiyan to save Earth from the invaders who wanted to seize the ball 7 and destroy the world. During the adventure, You will travel through a different planet and struggling with a variety of shadow enemies.
Mystic Of Ninja GO Fighter Aircraft is the best game ever released for the fans of Dragon Ninja with more than 100 saiyan form. Each saiyan can transform effects. There are many powerful enemies and bosses, so be careful!
Collecting heroes super hero team the very best and don't forget to upgrade Your hero skills constantly and complements him guns and the best weapon. Some AMAZING ninja Skills are waiting for you! Use it in the most fierce battle for Ultimate Saiyan Street Fighting.
This game includes all of the Super Saiyan level from 1 to 20 and SSJG, this SSGSS gives you more strength and skill that will make you enjoy ultimate saiyan battle Dragon shadow.
Some amazing skills such as the Kamehameha, remember the Dragon, Big Bang attack, Ki blast and the Monkey King. Be a super hero and warrior legends with great skills of super hero special.
Feature Mystic Of Ninja GO Fighter Aircraft :
-Enjoy action games similar to amazing ganwu. super amazing action game.
- Attractive graphics with powerful action Galaxy fighting style.
- Classic role-playing game with the main character is Mystic Of Ninja GO Fighter Aircraft.
- With a collection of similar to amazing ganwu. You will be comfortable choosing your favorite superhero.
- Each superhero has unique skills and powerful weapons.
- Unlock special features, new amazing gear and robot after each battles.
- Fight super-sized amazing monsters with 100 challenges with two difficult.
Mystic Of Ninja GO Fighter Aircraft is a game offline (could work without internet) available for Android phones & tablets. Enjoy martial arts such as kung fu fighters with in the story manga goko.
You can not lose until you win. It's time to fight for Justice and to protect our planet!