• Drive To Town: Stickman Theft

    2018-10-04 08:00|44.84M

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Drive to Town Stickman Theft is a tactical action-
Drive to Town Stickman Theft is a tactical action-based strategy game in which you have to assume your role as a stickman gangster. Being the big player of town, you have to kill cops to create your rap sheet and you have to kill gangster to spread your name on the street. There’s a new gangster pop in town, spread the name and become fearsome.
Handle street crimes and perform missions given to you. Kill people and steal cars and perform the role of a lethal gangster. You can steal any car, truck or moving vehicles from the street. Beat the driver and throw him out of the car. Drive the vehicles to visit places you need to be. Kill anyone who tries to be smart with you. Kill people and earn money, kill cops and earn big name on the streets.
There are cops working for mafia all over the city. Get rid of these cops and get rid of the mafia. Fight and thrive in a stickman world and catch, kill gangster, policemen or anyone who troubles you. Make people fear you and become the greatest gangster big city has ever seen. You can also fly you helicopter and travel to different cities to kill more gangsters and perform mission objectives. Fly your chopper from one city to another or just around the city to kill your enemies. Go on furious and dangerous missions and kill dozen of rival gangsters and police officers. Create your name from mud and rise above all and rule the city.
You are equipped with a stickman character that can shoot, fight and kill like an assassin. Engage in breathtaking hand to hand combats and punch around enemies and kick their bucket. Stick-man Theft is a survival game in which you have to survive against the rival gangs, mafia and police. Kill anyone in your way and dodge the enemy attacks and perform counter attacks and critical shots to kill your enemies. Engage in groundbreaking shootouts and master your aim and shooting skills. Develop fighting and combat instincts to help you fight on the streets.