• New cuphead Noël boss adventure 2019

    2019-07-01 08:00|35.65M

    版本:1.0 |
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descover a best game cuphead Noël battle Santa is
descover a best game cuphead Noël battle Santa is a new hero headed Santa run and juping in the jungle but in his way our Carnation’ boss Santa battle meet many of monster
so require hundreds of hits to die can fight all animals along yes is new hero cuphead this gamebattle need a lot of concentration a be fast to fight and run in this same time
if want chanlange your self is best game for that(New Years 2019)
enjoy it and use all your skill in this game headed there is a lot of monster help our hero cuphead boss to fight all this animals
so are you ready to be a boss headed .customize your weapons and fight you anime
you are a accustomed to fight or not you neet to use all mind to win Cagney Boss
as you knew is New Years 2019 so we love to offer to you this amazing game cup headed battle
and we used this caracter because we knew is the best cartonn for this game
cuph headed is our hero need your help to go out of jungle and fight all animales monster and all obstacle.
so fight and run jumpin together with boss Santa headed in this game Santa headed you need all technic for win
how to play
Press any buton to make cuph Noël move forward
Press buton lef to make cuph Noël slide
Press buton right to make cuph Noël jump
Press button A to Throwing monster with stones
Features of Super cuphead Halloween cuph Escape adventure :
-high-resolution graphics Halloween
a lot of enemies and obstacles.
- mugman Halloween boss fights: angry scorpion, spider, big bee and golem
- Easy and intuitive controls
-Beautiful game battle and music
-game Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more.
cuphead run in the jungle
-Cagney Carnation adventure
super Cagney Boss mugman headed in the jungle
super cup on head
New Years headed 2019
chants de Noël headed Halloween
cuphead fighter headed boss
dowloand this cuphead game battle for free