• Spider Amazing: Street Fighting

    2018-11-28 08:00|41.50M

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What should you do if your city had been attacked
What should you do if your city had been attacked by most dangerous gangster, brutal criminals and mafia? Now get ready for the battle against criminals and mafia with Spider Amazing: Street Fighting game.
You play as a Super Spider Hero game with amazing power skills where super spider hero fights and catch the gangsters, drug dealers, mafia, and criminals. Use all your fighting skills with fantastic power and strategy. Become a defender of the law and defend the common people. Crush and smash everything in its path and become an Flying Super Spider Hero.
In this game Spider Amazing: Street Fighting, you are a Kung Fu warrior fighter, and desperately want to leave your enemy gang which is involve in wrong activities, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight as a power legend for your life, which could end very soon if you make the wrong move. Use all your crazy acrobatic fighting styles and tactical moves with fantastic power and maneuvering strategy to protect civilians from the wrath of the gangster. Feel the thrill of being a powerful beast. Destroy and smash everything that comes in your way. Become the most courageous and fearless superhero.
Survival of the city is now in superhero's hand. Show your best warrior fighting and kungfu skills in best kung fu games Super Spider Hero versus big fighters is real kung fu fight game with modern boxing techniques, which you will apply against the ninja killer to knock them out. Learn to punch on mouth, get master in leg kicks and do the fire attack in our action fighting: best fighting games which is best in these action fighting games where you are super hero fight with kung fu fighting skills.
Spider Amazing: Street Fighting game with Features:
- Realistic Physics and animations
- Fly and fight as a real superhero
- Jump high to cover the larger distances
- Run fast to hit your enemies hard
- Use heavy single and double punches and crack the grounds
- Super fight with various combination of strokes
- Fight against bad guys in this amazing action game
- Fun and easy control while you are playing
- Exciting missions is waiting for you
This is new episode of Spider Amazing you will take on the most dangerous villains and monsters. Be a legendary warrior, a true super hero against criminals and gangster in final city battle. Finally, you will stop all the crimes in city. Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test and see how far you can go
Download Spider Amazing: Street Fighting now and become a Super Spider Hero