• Gangster way: Miami

    2019-01-05 08:00|87.30M

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Roll back to Miami City, the city of Vice, Cash an
Roll back to Miami City, the city of Vice, Cash and Crime. Welcome to criminal world.
Miami City is a unique open world with its atmosphere and its laws.
This app is classic vice city style crime game, which abounds with crimes and killings, just take your gun, aim gangster or cop and shoot.
The main character, who came in Miami vice city must understand what is happening in this City, where the cash is king, and get to the top of this world!!!
Features including:
• Full tank battle in the criminal simulator
• Beautifully updated graphics
• Character models and lighting effects
• Targeting options
• Custom controls with a fully customizable layout
• The city with perfect traffic of people and cars
• All the machines are destructable ( tyres scatter away by explosion)
• Features of classic game in the style of a criminal action and tank simulator
• Missions and companies
• Destructible objects in the city (trees, poles, traffic lights, etc.))
• You can do theft of tank and auto
• You can get into fistfights on the street
• 3D graphics with great music
• Grand thoughtful plot
• Animated sounded characters
Download for free Gangster way: Miami that scares and fascinates, grab auto and cash