• Super Adventure of Alien

    2019-07-02 08:00|34.21M

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Super Adventure of Alien classic adventure game th
Super Adventure of Alien classic adventure game that will take you back in time. This Super Alien Adventure Game is the best choice for you. This is a free jump running game, where this Super Alien has a special mission to attack all the evil monsters and all obstacles. And return the beloved planet to normal again.
Some terrible monsters attack and rob the Super Alien Planet. Aliens need your help. Go help him take the Planet of his birth again!
Run, jump and travel across more dangerous forests, volcanoes, sand, chamber machines, rock roads, marshes, etc. Collect coins, gold, acceleration props. Defeat all monsters!
Super Adventure is an amazing adventure game running, jumping and classic shooting. Super Adventure of Aliens for life is one of the most popular and enduring series of all time.
Super Adventure of Alien is an exciting and exciting classic adventure game legend that can remember your childhood with super aliens.
Super adventure Alien features
- Magnificent graphics
- Super Alien with 3D display
- awesome scenario 6
- Several different monsters are fierce
- Optimized Super Alien imperfections jumping 1 and 2
Super Adventure of Alien can be downloaded for FREE, free of charge, can be played online or online.