• Arcade Game KOF97

    2019-05-15 08:00|52.37M

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KOF97 is an classical arcade fighting game issued
KOF97 is an classical arcade fighting game issued in 1997, compared to the three versions is has a greater improvement, is the fist of the series of mature.
The game is divided into nine groups: 1, Lead The Team 2, Wolf Team 3, Dragon And Tiger Team 4, Teams Anger 5, The Ability To Super-Team 6, New Women Fighters Team 7, South Korea Team 8, The New Face
Of The Team 9, 97 SPECIAL Teams. In addition, the role of fighting in the game is not limited to the above-mentioned team, in addition to personal entry role: eight gods, vector blowing really I, and
seven hidden characters: jing, the night of the snake's blood madness, dark Among the lacrosse of the blood of the Liana, dried up the earth of the community, the shortage of rice light
of the Sheriff, the fate of the Chris, the serpent (normal version can not choose the serpent).