• Ultimate Rider : Zi-O Henshin Fighting 3D

    2019-07-02 08:00|41.53M

    版本:1.30 |
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Henshin Scramble : Rider Zi Ultimate Climax 3D 201
Henshin Scramble : Rider Zi Ultimate Climax 3D 2018, you will enjoy real climax battle rider zi heroes scramble characters which use henshin belt styles and can transform into rider zi belt Use User-friendly controllers to control your rider fighter in fighting games.
Features :
◉ Detailed textures and stunning HD graphics.
◉ Multiple combos with advance new fighting techniques of henshin belt form.
◉ Most realistic moves and real stunts
◉ High-Quality music and real fighting of henshin sounds.
◉ Get the maximum powers and skills by collecting ziku driver.
◉ Realistic fighting character and advanced kamen fighting battle
◉ Easy and smooth to controls rider heroes with multiple climax battle
◉ Real superhero’s fighter henshin climax
◉ Multiple characters of zi henshin belt heroes
Rider Zi-ku game Fighting Ultimate How to Play:
◉ Select your favorite hero at desired location.
◉ Use the virtual joystick to control the movements.
◉ Tap the combo buttons to fight.
◉ Collect zi o belt to restore health to maximum power
◉ Complete the story mode to defeat the boss rider build henshin belt .
Our game consists of different difficulty ratings. The first part will not respond to the player who you beat in terms of learning to experiment. However, rider ziku driver zi henshin belt o can use belt to restore health with banana so u can survive from enemy