• Amazing Hero: Future City Battle

    2018-11-13 08:00|95.39M

    版本:1.3 |
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Fight start with criminals and gangsters in Amazin
Fight start with criminals and gangsters in Amazing Hero Future City Battle missions of survival adventure game. Rise as real superhero in this city rescue mission where the call of amazing hero has made by government for city survival mission. Be the amazing hero fighter in gang war combat battle with city gangs in this war battle shooting simulator game. Flying hero will come to rescue the citizens and help US police against city crime. Join the ranks of the real hero with gang fighters in this city escape survival game. Real police force is having city survival mission against the gangsters to bring peace. Rescue citizens with flying skills & escape from gangster as Amazing Hero in Future City Battle. 

Amazing Hero has exciting controls to perform city rescue missions as real hero. Start your quest to survive and stand amongst the living in this hero fighter action simulator survival game. Fly over the super city to rescue people in emergency situations. Fight Criminals Gangsters like real amazing hero with gangsters in city where drugs dealing begin. Are you ready for surprise attack and the many attack fighting tricks with gangster squad? Give them hard time your duty is to play the role of amazing hero. In this game as superhero, you have to defeat all the gangsters and criminals. The city is under the attack of criminals. Fight with gangster’s mobs and win the battle on city streets.

Prepare yourself in Amazing Hero Future City Battle and come to rescue citizens in flying, gliding and jumping missions. Destroy leagues of gangsters with hand combat fighting hero levels. Help US police in battle with gangster squad in this best hero survival game. You have to use your superhero robot power like car driving, fast running, thunder attacks and web throwing skills to guide this battle to save the city that has been upset by gangsters in this city survival mission. Show your amazing hero skills, attack the criminals and save this grand city from all sorts of threats and terror in this future city battle game. Download now & enjoy this Amazing Hero Future City Battle Game.

Game Features:
 Amazing 3D City Environment with Exciting Challenging and Thrilling Missions
- Survival from Enemies as Real super hero in Amazing Hero Future City Battle Simulator. 
- Awesome Controls and Animations with High Quality 3D Graphics and Realistic Sound Effects
- Protect Yourself as Amazing Hero from Gangster Attacks Lots of Powers and Fast Car Driving
- Take Down Criminals in Hand-To-Hand Combat, Web Throwing, Thunder Attacks and Shooting.

-Fly Over City Rooftop Building to Rescue Citizens in Flying, Gliding and Jumping as Amazing Hero