• Boxing Rising 3D

    2019-06-30 08:00|14.24M

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Boxing Rising 3D is the hottest real-time 3d fight
Boxing Rising 3D is the hottest real-time 3d fighting games in the market which offers a realistic and high quality experience. With the realistic 3D models and wonderful 3D sound, we ensure you will be addicted in this exciting boxing games for tablets and smart phones.
Tired of the boxing robot game and the boxing zombies games? Want to try a real fighting man game?
Since the beginning of the last decade, boxing and wrestling game has become a technical contest where the main emphasis falls on the competitive side of the sport. Despite these changes, great boxing matches are still determined by the raw power of a fighter’s punch. Boxing Knockout are one of the main attractions of boxing; they are exciting moments that captivate our imagination. The idea that a single boxing punch can turn the tide of a fight and, in some cases, transform underdogs into world boxing championship, is what attracts the masses to this sport.
If you are a Boxing fan, you must love this fight action games. Fight fight fight, you are the best fight king.