• Superwomen: Flying Heroes

    2018-09-30 08:00|49.45M

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Superwomen: Flying Heroes is a brand new superwoma
Superwomen: Flying Heroes is a brand new superwoman game featuring the most famed superheroes like super girl hero, cat girl hero and mystery girl superhero. You get to play as three powerful superwoman characters and fight off alien invasion on planet earth.
Beware Planet Earth, because the aliens are coming at different location in a large city. They are countless in numbers and all ready to spread chaos and kill innocent people. They are dangerous, lethal unlike any creature you have ever imagined. So buckle up for another fun adventure where you get to fight the bad guys and save the day. Split into three unique superheroes and go to all three corners of city and kill all evil alien monsters. These alien monsters are large in number and they will keep coming in packs until they devour every single person in the city so have to fight multiple aliens alone and save the day. You have to work as a team and one by one take on different enemy areas with a different unique superhero.
Step into the shoes of three different superhero women and kill enemy aliens. Each superhero comes with a unique power and superhero abilities. Like the heat vision of super girl firing laser from eyes, strength of mystery girl and flexibility of cat girl. When you go as super girl, try not to fire laser upon the civilians or buildings instead you can also use your superhuman combat skills and flying skills to take down enemies. You can also engage in combat with the aliens and try out your fighting combat skills.
Expert in Maui-Thai, Taekwondo and ninja skills the Cat girl can perform air attacks and using her fast instincts she can dodge enemy attacks easily and hence sustaining less damage than other superheroes. She can perform a unique flying kick hence providing high amount of damage to enemies.
The mystery girl was raised and born in military she is hardcore woman with intense power and strength. She takes less damage and she provides more damage than other superheroes. She can destroy a car with her hands alone. So fight with intense amount of humongous strength and crush those alien bones and skulls.
Enjoy playing along with a lot of superheroes and fight off alien invasion and save the planet earth from alien attack in the modern new versatile game of 2018 the Superwomen: Flying Heroes. Download while it’s free.