• Galaxy under Fire 2: Alien Space Shooter

    2018-10-24 08:00|40.25M

    版本:2.3 |
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Our galaxy is under alien invasion. The evil alien
Our galaxy is under alien invasion. The evil alien spaceships are on mission to destroy our galactic neighborhood. Swarms of spacecrafts are approaching to hunt, attack and destroy us. Hurry to your ship, Fighter!
◉ Challenging levels set across space, planets, moons, stars, nebulas and galaxies.
◉ Powerful ships with upgradeable weapons to attack space invaders.
◉ Variety of enemy spacecrafts, spaceships and savage bosses.
◉ Earn coins by attacking enemy and completing achievements and use them upgrade your ships.
◉ Collect amazing power-ups to boost your performance during tough situations.
Take command of Powerful Spaceships and fight the battle to repel these evil alien invaders.Traverse the vastness of our galaxy and shoot-down invaders.
Galaxy under Fire is an Arcade / Action Shooter game. Earn resources by shooting down enemies and use them to purchase more powerful ships and spacecrafts. Upgrades your weapons and unleash havoc in this clash of space civilizations.
Fly through asteroids, planets and moon, and defend the vastness of our solar system and beyond. Resist the space attack and protect your galaxy from total annihilation.
Collect power ups and rule the sky in this space arcade shooter game. Lead with your plane in this space warfare and Shoot down the invading spaceships.