• Airports, land your aircraft.

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Airports is a project designed for children, to st
Airports is a project designed for children, to stimulate their attention and improve reflexes.
The operation of the game is simple, for every plane, helicopter, airship or other aircraft that arrives you will have to trace a path to make it land
in the runway track without making it collide with the other arriving aircraft.
The path to follow him must be traced with a finger on the screen.
Airports is in beta, and is not compatible with all devices, if you encounter problems you can also play the computer,
at the web address: http://airports.ipercity.com
Here are the places/airports included in the game:
1. Pisa(Italia)
2. Marseille (France)
3. Kansai (China)
4. Desert (Namibia)
5. Giblatar (UK)
6. Tokyo (Japan)
7. La Guardia (NYC)
8. Sydney (Australia)
9. Picacho Stagefield Heliport (USA)
10. Ice Runway, Antarctica
11. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
12. Zakynthos, Greece
13. Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
14. Airplane Boneyard, Tucson, Arizona
15. Wittmann, Arizona, USA
16. Okinawa, Japan
17. Houston, TX 77061, USA
18. Dunstable LU6 2LD, UK
19. USS George Washington
20. Olympia Regional Airport
21. Paris-Charles De Gaulle
22. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
23. Denver
24. Eloy, Arizona
25. McChord Air Force Base
26. NAS Jacksonville
27. Edwards Air Force Base California
28. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Thanks and have fun!