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The Floor Is Lava is a parkour and minigame where
The Floor Is Lava is a parkour and minigame where you are allowed 10 seconds to examine a room before the floor turns into lava and you have to escape. The parkour is fairly easy to complete but it’s nonetheless a fun minigame which perhaps could be expanded on in the future with harder and more difficult levels. If you like parkour then give it a try!
How to play?
As soon as you’ve pressed the button for the game to start you will teleport to a level room with a countdown from 10. Use this time to get a better understanding of the level and figure out the best way to escape it.
When the countdown reaches 0 the lava will be turned into lava and you will be teleported to your starting place. Find a way to escape the room without falling into the lava!
There are five hidden nether stars throughout the levels which you can try to collect. There is no prize in the end for collecting them, but it adds another difficulty to the game.
The game can be played as many times as you want and restarted in-game.
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