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    2018-12-09 08:00|44.29M

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Your friend left all of his notebooks at school bu
Your friend left all of his notebooks at school but doesn’t have tim to go and get them.
To help your friend you decide to go back to the school and collect them all. But it won’t be easy though as Mr Baldi will be in your way challenging you on this task. Once you make him mad he will chase you down.
This is a remake of the popular Baldi’s Basics horror game. Similar to that game, you have to search for a bunch of different things (in this case buttons) to complete the game.
The map includes a custom resource pack with custom made textures and it will only work for version 1.6 and higher. Also make sure to set your render distance to 8 or higher or else the game might cause bugs.
Baldi's Basics In Education and learning is created for entertainment purposes and based solely on legitimate and free sources. We also ask everyone to be sure that you have legally owned all the games before playing them on our AZIZPRESS account.
❅ Disclaimer :
This is an unofficial GAME or original app. It Made by Fans and Love. We are not affiliated in any way to OTHER trademark owners.
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