• Truck Simulator : Coroh

    2019-07-04 08:00|99.49M

    版本:1.1.1 |
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This is the game that you can conquer the roads wi
This is the game that you can conquer the roads with high powered monsters!Fight again nature and beat every step on way! Remember this is not a level based game, this is endless open world game with lots of specialities. You can buy or sell trucks, customize them, enjoy the nature, fight with storms etc. What you can do in this game? >You can explore the open world map and buy trucks, >You can customize your trucsk and make them powerfull, >You can enjoy awesome gameplay and earn GP points And game has auto quality modification, so it doesn't matter what device is do you have, every device can play this game somehow! If your device powerfull you will get awesome quality, if your device has no great power it is okey too, you can has high fps from our auto quality chooser! Please let us know if you find any bugs or etc. Enjoy! ♦ Achivements added ♦ Damage problems solved ♦ Money problems solved ♦ Headlights are brighter now ♦ Money can fall under zero ♦ Stuck wheelchins bug fixed ♦ Taking damage bug fixed ♦ Cargo damage added ♦ Sudden closing bug fixed