• Baldy teacher Annet. Horror in school.

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In 1944, Nazi Germany had a school called "Bestraf
In 1944, Nazi Germany had a school called "Bestrafung", which sent children who were not needed by the Nazis.
I was in charge of the school sadist scary teacher Annette.
When the war was over, scary grandma teacher Annette was tried and shot, and the school was demolished. All people who know it, think scorn about this place.
Everyone has already begun to forget about the terrible school and the fate of the unfortunate children who got there.
But recently, last year in the city of Shulten teenagers began to disappear ... And last... what her name..? Maybe, Emily... I forget...
"Oh my God, where am I?" ... We must urgently get out of this terrible place ... "
Get out of the terrible school while the old scary teacher granny Annette did not find you ... You need don't dead by daylight.
Remember, you can not make mistakes in this school. The basics in education and learning is survival!!!
Escape from the school. Your eyes will feel horror. Don't close your eyes. Next few nights you will have moons of madness... Be ready!
The walking dead teacher will follow for you! Our world didn't watch the same early.
Annets wants to play too... She always took her mop...
The evil within now.
- This game is real song of horror