• Wrestling Revolution 18: World Championship

    2019-06-30 08:00|34.38M

    版本:1.5 |
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Fight like a professional wrestler for heavyweight
Fight like a professional wrestler for heavyweight championship - an epic wrestling game.
You're a professional wrestling champion, challenge all the revolutionary fighters to give them hard time in the ring. Take a deep breathe to challenge wrestling legends and superstar fighters. Come and join an extraordinary wrestling revolution with fighting legends to enjoy luchas libres. Showoff all your signature shots in the ring with epic fighting games.
Are you the next World Wrestling Champion?
You might have played many wrestling games but all these wrestler games are not the same or that simple to play and become luchas libre. If you're a real fan of wrestler games, then this is the best wrestling games that you have played ever.
This game is completely free to download to play. However, some of the items may cost real money within the game.